Emily Myers

Client Services Specialist
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Emily Myers is proud to be our Client Services Specialist. She joined the team in August of 2015. She loves assisting you any way she can. “As first line communication, I want to exceed your expectations. It really makes my day to help to make your experience a pleasant one.”

Emily’s Passions:

Image of a woman in a teal shirt with two guinea pigs on her lap

Animals – Emily has two adorable guinea pigs as pets (pictured left and right), Auriel (brown) and Luna (orange and white). She’s also a vegetarian, and is passionate about animal welfare.

Working out – Going to the gym is Emily’s favorite stress relief! Don’t interfere with her time at the gym, or you’ll be sorry you did!

Image of two guinea pigs on a tile floor (one orange and white, one brown)

Design – Emily also has a small design business she runs as an independent contractor. She mainly focuses on web design, logo design and print projects. She’s responsible for making our website a useful tool to help you achieve your financial goals.


Bachelor of the Arts, Multimedia Arts & Sciences with a minor in Computer Science, Cum Laude, at the University of North Carolina Asheville