Our Story

We get two frequent questions - how did you meet and how did you decide to form Jamison Financial Group? Here's our story:

How We Met
A meeting for clinical chemists in New Orleans brought us together. The rest is history; history that is still being written. Sheila moved to NY where a professor, sensing talent, counseled her into financial services. Steeped in corporate finance from his corporate management background, Rich found his way into the same field. After a couple decades of marriage we decided to go for a 24/7 relationship and formed Jamison Financial Group.

Beginnings of Our Financial History 

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Originally from Mississippi, Sheila came to New York and quickly climbed the ranks in the financial industry. She became Senior Vice President of Morgan Stanley Investment Management. As one of the few women in the financial industry at that time, she also was a founding member of the Morgan Stanley Women's Business Exchange. Rich began in clinical biochemistry, transitioned into corporate management and, later, joined Morgan Stanley as a Financial Advisor.

Forming Jamison Financial Group
Over the years we saw dramatic changes in the financial industry, especially among mega corporations and wirehouses (large financial institutions). Together, we decided independence was the best way to go, and formed Jamison Financial Group. This let us provide financial and advisory services free from corporate demands to push specific products, returning instead to a more personal level of customer service.

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We didn’t take the decision to become business partners lightly, knowing that adding another level of stress to a relationship could become problematic. However, after consulting successful couples who also work together on a daily basis, we decided to go for it! 

Crucial on our path to business (and maintaining marital) harmony, we discovered a book called The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. This book teaches simple communication skills; skills that helped us successfully add working together to our personal relationship.

We found that “The 5 Love Languages” helped us find out our preferred way of knowing we were loved and respected. We highly recommend that you give this book a once over. It could change or even save your marriage. Read more about this book on our “Education Corner” page.