Our Services

Jamison Financial Group offers a comprehensive suite of financial services and products that help to:

  • evaluate financial concerns 
  • recommend an action plan
  • monitor and adjust to get the results you desire

Our hands-on, proactive process truly makes us unique. Click here to learn more.

Investment Management Services

Closeup of the side of a woman's face, with a computer screen in the background

We personally monitor your investment portfolio using highly-analyzed, real-time market research. Our process provides insight into strategies to fit your changing circumstances. Learn more about our unique investment process.



Retirement Income & Savings Planning

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Instead of the commonly offered '401k evaluation' type of consultation, we go beyond traditional levels of retirement planning. We analyze "What-Ifs" of your unique retirement path, identifying financial excess or loss associated with each What - If scenario. This helps to make sure you stay on track. Learn more about our Retirement Simulator approach.


Financial Plan Development

Overhead of a man and a woman looking at a computer screen

A strong financial future starts with a highly-personalized, comprehensive financial plan that outlines specific actions to help you achieve your goals. Your plan considers your financial obligations, objectives and resources and considers factors that could derail your plan. Learn more about our Financial Planning Services.


Social Security

Screenshot of a 'What if' program on the computer

Social Security income plays a significant role in your longevity goals. It’s important to get the most from it you can. We can analyze your situation and options to help you choose your best strategy for taking benefits.