Our Process

Helping You Balance Risk & Reward

Prudent, Hands-on Portfolio Management and a Deep Passion to Help You Achieve Better Returns
How We're Different Summed Up in 4 Simple Concepts: 
  • Design your path from your needs, wants, dreams, goals and fears.
  • Invest in market areas that show strength; avoid those that are weak.
  • Let you know when it’s time to make changes.
  • Do it with discipline and diligence.

Investing based on your unique situation.

A strategy based on your unique goals, needs, lifestyle and acceptable risk level; not the routine cookie-cutter approach. Like your goals, needs and lifestyle, your portfolio may not match any other.
Be In Strong Areas; Avoid Weak Ones
We can help you identify growth sectors and avoid those sectors in decline. A Tactical Allocation portfolio evolves with you and the market. Don’t hold all asset classes and hope for enough winners to negate the losers.
Changing With Your Situation and the Market
Make changes when relevant life or market changes require investment modification for continued alignment. It’s different from run-of-the-mill rebalancing. That merely restores preset values by selling what’s working and buying more of what’s not.
With Discipline, Diligence and Personal Control
Monitoring markets relentlessly, we evaluate quantifiable, objective criteria to cut through the emotional fog that can cloud decisions. Next we reach out to advise you of your options and opportunities. You are in control, always having the final word.
The Value of a Tactical Allocation Strategy
Tactical allocation (TA) gives you the comfort of knowing there’s a process at work. We tune out the volatility-inducing daily headlines, acting on market events and trends instead. You can have the confidence to disregard the boisterous pundits and gurus who contradict each other frequently. None of these experts KNOW what markets will do.
Markets are event and trend driven. We read and evaluate – but do not knee-jerk react to – market gyrations. We assess their potential impact on your portfolio and what steps you can take defensively or offensively to optimize returns. Our strategy can yield better individual portfolio returns over time.

Watch the Chef’s Challenge for TA’s Essence