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Paying Our Respects To 9/11’s Doggie Heroes

The stories of the dogs who helped during and after the 9/11 attacks is bittersweet.

Here’s some of the sweet part.

Click here to read the article we wrote about them.

Shelter Animals

One of our passions is our love of animals, especially those in need. We support and encourage adoption from shelters.

Tips to Ponder BEFORE Getting a Dog

Adopting a new dog can be a very rewarding experience for you, your family and your best friend. Doing so gives you the responsibility to love, protect and care for your new family member.

Now that’s a mouth full! So you’ll want to give it a lot of thought about the commitment you’ll be making.

According to experienced dog trainers, a lot of behavioral problems can be solved by having a little bit of knowledge.

Here are some important considerations to ponder before you adopt (​click here). We hope they will help you or a friend of yours get prepared for your new friend. Feel free to call us to discuss your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you.

Since we’ve gotten our pets were learned many unexpected things. If our furry friends could speak our language, here’s what we think they would advise us!

Do your pets have secrets? We found some interesting facts gathered from all over the world about our furry friends, read here for more.

Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray was born completely blind, and got his name from the combination of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles.  Stevie, a Plott hound puppy, learned to navigate the world carefully with the help of his foster parents.

Stevie has been adopted into a loving home with another rescued Plott and a Pibble mix.  He loves playing outside and spending time with his humans.

Sugar Pete

Video profile of shelter dog, Sugar Pete, that needs a home from Sarge's Animal Rescue in Haywood County:

Great News for Sugar Pete!
Sugar Pete has been adopted into a great home with room to run and dogs to play with!!


Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue


The Joy of Fostering
Accidental Hound Lovers

Asheville Training Resources (courtesy of AHNA)


NYC Training Resources


Vegetarian / Vegan Resource:

HappyCow's Compassionate Healthy Eating Guide

Happy Cow is an easy-to-use resource for finding vegetarian/vegan restaurants and health food stores in your area!  It’s also full of plenty of articles, advice, and recipes for those of us interested in exploring the vegetarian lifestyle.

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