Unified Managed Accounts

Are you

  • Unfamiliar with investing?
  • Uncomfortable making decisions regarding financial markets?
  • Unclear of what stocks do … or bonds … or how … or when?
  • Afraid you have too little money to get decent diversification?

Does the prospect of making an investment decision make you anxious? Or worse, give you a sense of dread?

The solution to this could be having knowledgeable financial professionals to help you. You could have access to ‘money managers’ to manage your account and take care of those decisions for you. Decisions like:

  • Choosing the most appropriate asset classes
  • What to invest in within asset classes
  • When to get in or out of specific investments
  • Providing the diversification within those classes to spread the risk of investing
  • Changing investments as market changes dictate, and
  • Always making choices that put your best interests first (that’s called the “fiduciary standard”)

Sounds good, you say … but how do I find these money managers who will do what I need done? You can even sidestep this decision. Tell us what you’re looking to do (meaning, what it the end result you want to achieve?) and give us an idea of how well you can handle risk. We’ll do the rest to match you and your needs to one or more money managers who work in your “style.”

Best of all, all of this is provided for a reasonable, visible fee.

  • Avoid trading commissions
  • Avoid sudden, unknown expenses depleting your investments
  • Always know what you’re paying for what you’re getting
  • No clusters of sudden, unexpected commission–generating trades in your account. (Commissions cost you money and can reduce your returns by more than you can afford.)

We’re sure you’ll agree this sounds good ... perhaps, at first, even too good to be true. There’s only one way to find out for sure. You owe it to yourself to check it out to see. We can take you through just how it works ... and we believe you’ll be amazed. You can have all this to help you get to your financial goals.

Now, can you think of a better place to have all this done for you than planning for your retirement? You may have set up – or be considering setting up now – a regular account to invest in your future. You may already have a retirement account (e.g., IRA). Either (or both) can be managed as described above. A UMA will give you:

  • Professional Management
  • Diversification
  • Reallocation of Assets according to Market Conditions
  • A Known Cost
  • All Tailored to Your Own Style
  • And You Don’t Have to Make the Investment Decisions

As the sages remind us

Tempus Fugit


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