JFG InSights - On Handling Uncertainty

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

by Rich and Sheila Jamison

Last week was another one spent more managing headlines than picking good stocks of good businesses (click here for yesterday’s Market in a Minute). Those headlines led to whipsaw action, which led to fear, anxiety and frustration. Our stance is still trust the process. Nothing wins all the time … but jumping around driven by emotion almost always loses.

The Aging Bull

The current bull market is now over ten years old. During those years, a list of events savvy investors have sidestepped includes:


Now trade talks are front and center, most critically, those with China.

What Will Happen?

Pundits get up every day, some in a different world on sequential mornings, with predictions that vary widely. We admit we don’t know how the situation with China will resolve, though a near-term resolution seems unlikely. Still the possibilities range from everything is hunky dory again to a complete breakdown of negotiations and a protracted, retaliatory and escalating trade war. It seems to us that predicting the future is akin to all-dressed-up guessing disguised as knowing.

In Uncertain Times

What do we feel is the best course of action? Trust the process. Listen to and watch the market. It will convey which way to go regardless of how the headlines read. Ignore the noise. Tease out the signals. We’re in this for the long haul, not to day-trade.

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