Jamison Financial Group joins Voya Financial Advisors

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jamison Financial Group LLC (JFG), a wealth management firm based in Asheville, North Carolina and New York City, announced its decision to affiliate with Voya Financial Advisors effective February. JFG provides an extensive suite of financial services and products, including investment management, financial planning, longevity planning (e.g., income and savings planning for today’s definition of retirement with extended lifespans), and Social Security optimization strategies. The firm was founded in 2005 by husband and wife team, Rich and Sheila Jamison, to provide independent advice and a more personal level of customer service.



Sheila Jamison, now in her 35th year as a financial advisor, is JFG’s Managing Partner. She spent six years at Paine Webber (now UBS) before moving to Morgan Stanley. During her 18 years there, Sheila was a Senior Vice President of Investment Management, a member of both the Directors and President’s clubs, and co-founder of the Morgan Stanley Women’s Business Exchange. Rich Jamison, JFG’s Director of Market Analysis, transitioned to Wall Street from a career in senior corporate management, biotechnology and clinical biochemistry. He joined Sheila at Morgan Stanley and became a Financial Advisor in 2001. The Jamisons established JFG in New York in 2005 to become independent advisors. Before moving to Voya Financial Advisors, they were with Investors Capital Corporation. It is currently the only Voya firm to be located within 30 miles of downtown Asheville.

“Sheila and I love everything about the Asheville area. And we’re avid hikers,” Rich Jamison says. “About a decade ago, we decided to open an office and build a home here. Having offices in both New York City and Asheville fits so nicely with the ‘going beyond’ mindset we apply to everything we do. We’ve devoted our lives to doing the best we can for the people that we serve.”

“Our work is our passion, it’s who we are,” explains Sheila Jamison. “Rich and I are partners at work and at home, and we bring out the best in each other. Our strengths are complementary, which enhances how we do business. We care about our clients’ interests and well-being, which is why we joined Voya Financial Advisors. After evaluating our options and through careful deliberation, we felt Voya’s mission and goals most closely aligned with ours – always give your client the best you can. That is exactly what we demand from our broker-dealer. We believe they will help us expand ‘going beyond’ even further.”

“Our firm is backed by a strong, well-respected brand that has the power to make its goals realities,” says Tom Halloran, president of Voya Financial Advisors. “We are continuously focused on supporting Voya’s vision to be America’s Retirement Company and are always looking to attract top-tier advisors like the Jamisons and their team, who have a vested interest in helping us amplify those efforts. Sheila’s vast experience permits her to mentor and be role model for other female advisors. Her transition to Voya exemplifies our efforts to grow our network of female advisors and strengthen our Women Advisor Network.”

About Jamison Financial Group

Jamison Financial Group LLC (JFG) is an Independent Advisor Representative that provides wealth management and financial planning services designed to reflect its clients’ goals, needs, lifestyle and acceptable risk level. The firm adheres to a disciplined process to portfolio management using Tactical Allocation Strategy. The JFG team keeps clients educated and informed, helping them achieve a sense of control. By knowing what and why things happen, then having the final word on their accounts’ management, JFG’s clients feel confident in the process and the outcome. Co-Founder and Managing Partner Sheila Jamison may be reached at (877) 534-3700 or SJamison@VoyaFA.com for more information.

About Voya Financial Advisors

Voya Financial Advisors, Inc., the broker-dealer of Voya Financial® (NYSE: VOYA), supports a wide range of clients through approximately 2,300 financial advisors. With education, financial planning and a broad range of personalized asset accumulation, protection and distribution solutions, Voya Financial Advisors is focused on helping Americans advance their retirement readiness. Voya Financial is a premier retirement, investment and insurance company serving the financial needs of approximately 13 million individual and institutional customers in the United States. For more information, visit http://voya.com.